About Me

Hello, My name is Jake, and I am a young designer working towards my BFA in production and design at the California Institute of the Arts in the Los Angeles area. 

From the Start

My entry into the world of theater and performance began when I was around 7 years old and began assisting in lighting and sound for Christmas plays at local churches. From there, I began working my way up to lighting designer positions at smaller local venues, as well as churches and public events. Entering an arts high school helped me to boost my confidence in the field and kick off my career as well as to help point me towards my real passion. I was given the opportunity to not only assist on design for some fairly large shows but the opportunity to design and grow my passion for design.  

Where I am now

Now I have found myself to be blessed with the opportunity to study at the California Institute of the Arts, where I can broaden my knowledge and grow my artistic ability.